Commission Status:
Please read the TOS before commissioning me.

Live2d Commissions

I can do Live2d Art, Rigging or both!

Can DoCannot Do
Preferably FemaleMecha, Armor

Base Price Rigging
Half Body: $500 | Full Body: $650 | Chibi $400
price may change depending on rig complexity

Base Price Features 
Head Movement XYZ✔️
Body Movement XYZ✔️
Eye Blink, Eye Smile, Eye Physics✔️
Physics (hair, chest, accessories)✔️
AEIOU mouth rig✔️
Mouth X, CheekPuff if requested✔️
Toggle Expressions3 Free
Additional Costs 
Additional Simple Expressions$20 each
Additional Complex Expressions$40 each
Simple On/Off Toggles$10 each
Custom Animation$50 each
Hairstyle Swap$50 each
Outfit Swap$150 each
Arm Toggles$50 each

Terms of Service

General Information
> I have the right to decline any commission requests if I feel I am unable to fulfill your requests. I am more inclined to accept a commission if the PSD file is nicely cut, you have a flexible schedule, or the art style fits my rigging style.
> Commission requests require a reference picture. Written descriptions are not allowed.
> I Accept Paypal USD only.
>Payment will be done as 100% upfront.
> Once payment has been made, I do not accept refunds or chargebacks.
> I will only start on the commission after the agreed payment amount has been made.
> After I finish your rig, there will be a testing phase (2 weeks) where I can edit or change anything based on your feedback. There will be an additional fee if you want any changes after that.
A refund can be issued when:
> the client has requested for a refund before I could work on the commission.
> I cannot fulfill the commission by the given deadline.
> If you are not satisfied with the finished product, you are not allowed to issue a refund.
Turnaround Time
> Finishing the commission depends on your spot in the waiting list and the complexity of the commission.
> It takes around 1-2 months for me to finish a rigging commission and 2-3 months for me to do art+rigging commissions.
Permission and Copyright
> Upon purchase of a Live2D model, the commercial rights are already included and all the profit earned belongs to you.
> You are not allowed to edit, trace or modify my art unless stated so.
> You are not allowed to distribute any of my art for anyone else to freely use/edit on any sites.
> You are not allowed to claim/credit my art as your own. Please always credit me (e.g. Twitter: nekorichii, Instagram: nekorichii)
>Client must be of legal age.
> I have the right to post progress photos of your commission unless you ask beforehand.
> I have the right to post your finished commission with a watermark on any of my social media sites.
> I have to right to stream your commission on my Twitch unless you ask beforehand.
> I have the right to post completed commission works as examples in my Portfolio.
By commissioning me, you are stating that you have read and agreed to these terms.

If you would like to contact me for commission inquiries or general questions, please email me at [email protected] or DM me on twitter @nekorichii

Base Price Art Model
Half Body: $350 | Full Body: $550 | Chibi: $350
price may change depending on the model complexity

*Commission art requests must come with a reference photo. No written descriptions allowed.

❤ PSD Live2D ready art
❤ PNGs of your model


Art: blackberritea
Rig: nekorichii


Design: jelleebun
Art and Rig: nekorichii


Art: inouekye
Rig: nekorichii


Design: TrueBeetleCore
Art and Rig: nekorichii


Art and Design: bbbasilmaes
Rig: nekorichii


Design: artzawa_
Art and Rig: nekorichii